Nokia Pure is a typeface designed by a type foundry, called Dalton Maag for Nokia in 2011. This typeface is different from the Nokia's previous typeface (Nokia Sans) on it's personality. Although Nokia Pure has less personality compare to Nokia Sans, Nokia Pure is more flexible and legible enough to be used for all different things, from screens to prints.


This font has many script systems from around the world from Latin Cyrillic Arabic Hebrew and Devanagari. This font family also had to reflect the traditions of Finnish design which are simplicity clarity and functionality.

In this acrylic box which represent the clarity of the typeface, there are different script systems that described the characteristics of Nokia Pure. These script systems are embossed on white cards which represent the purity of the typeface. The characteristics of Nokia Pure were being translated into seven languages from seven script systems that were created in 2011 by Dalton Maag.


There are also various weights of Nokia Pure: light, regular and bold, which were being translated to three languages from three out of seven other script systems that were created in 2013.