A barrier in diabetes self-management

Diabetes self-management consists of a set of tasks which include blood glucose control, exercise, dietary and nutrition management that need to be performed regularly.

However, barriers such as poor glycemic control, adherence and health literacy can cause suboptimal results in one's self-management. Above all, lack of motication has been identified as one of the main factors that cause all of these barriers.

How about other people with different type of illnesses?

What would keep them motivated to manage their healthy condition?

"I am willing to go to see my doctor and do routine check up every three weeks because I want to stay healthy so I can see my grandchildren in the future." -Rafael, 46 years old

"I just need to keep it maintained.. so I can keep doing my regular activities: study, sports, organisations, etc." -Chia, 22 years old

"I want to live longer so I can also educate others." -Trianzani, 29 years old


Motivation is the key.

Not only in diabetes self-management, each one of us need motivation to maintain our healthier patterns of living to prevent lifestyle related illnesses and everyone has different personal reasons to keep their healthy condition.

So, how about a tool to keep patients reminded on their reasons/personal goals to stay healthy?

A digital timeline reminder tool to increase motivation of users with chronic diseases, based on their personal goals and rewards shared and set together with their healthcare professionals.