A chat-based quiz on a messaging app?

As a messaging platform, BBM aims to engage its users through more playful and engaging activity with a group of people, which is by having a quiz in a group chat.

With the aim to investigate our users’ interest to play this quiz, as well as to validate the mechanism flow and the overall experience of playing the quiz, different types of research methodologies have been conducted from the initial until the final stage of building this feature, in order to gather constant feedbacks that could improve the quality of this quiz, before it is going to be live publicly to wider audience.

Identifying the need

In-depth interview - We conducted an in-depth interview to our targeted users to understand their need and preference of playing quiz.

Survey - We also sent off a survey to identify our targeted users’ preference of playing quiz, in terms of their preferred type of quiz, type of questions & answers, time of playing the quiz and etc.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis was conducted to observe and analyze features, elements and flows of various trivia & chatbot apps that could help to inform us on how to create a model for our new quiz feature.

Page Flow & Structure

Based on the elements and flows that we observed from competitive analysis, as well as results from user interview and surveys, we continued with discussion with our product managers, designers and engineers on what are the features that we need to implement in our quiz.

We created a page flow & structure of the components and flows of the quiz, in order to guide our designers and engineers to develop this feature.


Usability testing - After the designers made a mockup based on the page flow & structure, we validated the mechanism flow of Group War first design to our targeted users.

IMG_6371 2.jpg

Focus Group Discussion (FGD) - Since this quiz aims to be played in a group chat and to compete with other groups, we also conducted FGD to test our quiz in a group of people.

What to observe?

  • User’s understanding and experience towards all Group War components

  • User’s impression after playing the quiz

  • Problems that users encountered while playing the quiz

  • Opinions towards the quiz in general

  • Suggestions to improve the quiz


Constant Observation

Data Analytics - Impact and performance after we launched this quiz can be observed through data analytics, with data such as user’s preferred time of playing this quiz, number of users who have participated to play, and even the entry points of starting the quiz.

Another survey! - Giving out surveys by the end of each quiz help us to have surface learning of user’s overall impression and performance towards each quiz session, and problems that they encountered during the quiz.


  • List of suggestions to improve this feature, such as:

    • To improve the performance of the app itself.

    • To fix the copywriting of the quiz commands and instructions.

    • To add another features, such as quiz schedule, leaderboard, notifications/announcements, etc.

  • Ongoing results and constant feedbacks that we gathered from surveys and analytics has also helped us to experiment more with this quiz, in terms of generating various types of quiz’ questions and answers, setting the quiz schedule, and improve the overall performance of this quiz.