(Collaborative work with Annie-May Buxton, Mina and Buge Chao)

The problem

"I feel disconnect with my community."

"I want to do something but I don't know where to start."

Many 18-24 year olds in London feel that they are not a part of their neighbourhood community. Often, when they have problems in the area they live in - from small ones such as noise problems to bigger ones such as racial issues, they don't know how to solve them or to whom they should speak about the problems.

Problems are often overlooked in their area, and it's important that their voices are heard.

The Need

To get their voices heard and feel part of the community again.

The Approach

Through user research, we discovered that sometimes, many people are not confident to speak about the problems they face in their community in person. Whereas if there is a platform where they can say it as a group, they would feel to have more power to change the issues they really care about.

The Solution

Engaging the community for change: A digital service to bring the local community together to action issues.

Here, we finally decided to create a digital platform where users can post local issues in their community and to vote other issues that they care about to be then sent to their local government for change. By doing this, users are expected to have more freedom to speak about any issues they want to raise in their community without a fear of judgement. By having the feature to vote on other issues, users are also expected to feel that they are more a part of the community because others will also contribute to raise the issue and not only one person.

The next stages are wireframing, prototyping and user testings.

A lot of feedbacks that we collected from user testings helped us to create design decisions for the UI & UX. It has to be minimal, easy to navigate and can be done in only few steps.