Community is a new platform for Group communication by BBM. This new feature aims to cater the needs of all types of users from different types of communities, interests and occupations to communicate with their group.

Why do we need Community?

Stakeholder Interview - With the idea that first came from our stakeholders, stakeholder interview was first conducted to capture the goals and aspirations of our business.

Points to identify:

  • Intended purpose

  • Perceived challenges

  • Product aspirations


What do they need?

User interview - We conducted an in-depth interview to understand people’s behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, preferences and opinions towards a type of communication they use with their friends/colleagues in within their communities/organizations/institutions. This research also aims to identify people’s problems, needs and goals in order to understand ways on how people would actually wish to communicate with their group, in particular towards a type of group communication that they use in an online platform.

This interview was conducted to people who work in an official institution / an organization / a community and owners, admins and members of an online group / community.


  • List all the facts about our target users. Start by asking them a few background questions / facts about them, their routine or anything that will give us helpful information about who they are.

  • Ask them questions about online communication tools and devices they use to communicate with their colleagues.

  • Ask them to walk us through their typical day worth of using these communication tools.

  • Identify their collective problems.

Research Questions

  • What’s your role in your community/group/institution?

  • How do you usually communicate with your colleagues/other community members? (Outside and during office hour)

  • What are the communication platforms and/or devices that you use to communicate with your colleagues/community members?

  • What made you decide to use that platform?

  • How does that work for you?

  • What are the problems you have encountered when using it?

  • What feature/capability that you wish to exist in that platform that hasn’t been existed yet?

(If participants don’t use an online platform to communicate with their group) What do you think of an online platform to communicate with your group? Do you need it? Would you possibly be interested in using it?

Design Sprint

Findings and insights that we gathered from both stakeholder and user in-depth interview supported us to start design sprint, in which we collaborate with product managers, engineers, data analysts, and business managers to explore ways on how we could deliver product and features that could answer the need of our users and align with the business goals.


  • Features / components to be implemented on Community.